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Lula Steel Pipes...

Please click below for the Lula Steel Pipe brochure:
  • Steel pipe made to plastic pipe size
  • Totally interchangeable with plastic pipe and fittings for waterworks
  • Tested to 50 bar
  • Higher pressure, means system can be designed using smaller pipe diameters, saving in valves, fittings and pump costs
  • Design life far exceeds plastic pipe
  • Can be laid above or below ground
  • No special backfill required
  • No skilled labour or special tools required
  • Uses the same tried and tested socket system as used by plastic pipe systems.
  • Seals are SABS 974 (Identical to plastic pipe)
  • When installed above ground, the system cannot be tampered with as there are no couplings to remove
  • Pressure rating: Max 40 bar, recommended 25 bar
  • No couplings required
  • Requires same thrust blocks and design criteria as PVC pipe. No new system to implement.
  • Unlike Plastic pipe systems, water hammer and pressure surges will not split the pipe
  • Pipe made from light wall Steel tube, commercial quality, 6m length.

    Sizes Available:

    63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm, 160mm, 200mm

    Finishes available:
  • Galvanised to SANS 10240 (Internal and External protective coatings for steel tube)
  • Galvanised and exterior coated in Ravenol (Bitumen Coating) for pipe installed or buried in above average corrosive conditions